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Paper Cotton Leather

The short ephemeral poems inside this gorgeous book belie a powerful and passionate voice, one that evokes imagery in new and inventive ways of a marriage slowly broken down. 

Sadre-Orafai refuses a masculine mode. She hovers between the horror of the home and the horror of opening the home to our eyes; she keeps her power by choosing neither.

In Paper, Cotton, Leather, many unimportant things—unimportant only in a past where they were uninteresting—suddenly become like small leitmotifs for trouble and loss.

In those crisp, taut poems, Sadre-Orafai turns the familiar thematic of love and loss into an effervescent meditation on how each individual mind apprehends the world, on how each heart learns of its own intimate path to whatever it is that compels it to go on, and on.
Heavy Feather Review

It is apparent that Sadre-Orafai has strived to write the hard poems with this collection, the ones that claw and moan and demand themselves to be told, and has done so with a wonderful show of craft. And yet, Sadre-Orafai has clearly polished these poems to a point where if you’re not careful, you might forget just how emotionally heavy they really are. 

We are left only with what the poet chooses to reveal. With what poetry is perhaps best at conveying. A selection of life’s moments as if through lens and shutter.
As It Ought to Be